Amazon Windowshop for Apple iPad Ready; Browse & Pick Gadgets with New App

October 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The holiday season is fast approaching, and gearing up for a big show is Amazon.  For those customers who are looking at picking their favorite gadgets online, Amazon is making things a bit easier. Amazon is in fact ready with its new iPad specific application that would help easier access to its online market place.

Christened Windowshop, the new iPad-specific app that lets easy access to the online Amazon store, lets customers browse and pick their devices online.  The online store is looking to capitalize on customers’ impulsive shopping behavior as they browse through details of the gadgets, online.

The visual aspect is one good thing about Windowshop, as the grid view lets users scroll through categories which ever way they want.  Customers can also manage wish lists from within the app.

Designed to work with an iPad firmware hitherto rolled out, the Windowshop also incorporates a grid view that lets users scroll horizontally to browse categories and vertically to check out individual items in those categories. Customers can even open categories and view the products closer. Amazon has added to the lure by including high-resolution photos of the gadgets on the menu.

Interested to have it on your iPad?  Download it here!

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