Windows Phone 7 Connector Beta for Mac is Now Open to All

October 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

The admirers of Mac do not think beyond an iPhone when it comes to choosing smartphones, but Microsoft still likes to think differently, and we appreciate this positivity. Anyway, the big news is that Windows Phone 7 Connector Beta for Mac is now open to all, after a limited span of time, where only a select few were able to test out this handing syncing tool previously.

This software is capable of automatically syncing your WP7 devices the moment you are connected to your Mac. Once the software beta is downloaded, this Connector will ensure that you gain access to iTunes and iPhoto, while you will also be able to sync things like podcasts download into iTunes, without having to go in and select a particular podcast to sync each time.

This Connector is a great asset for syncing your music and photographs from a WP7 device to an Apple Mac. A rare ‘affinity’, but it sure is a valuable one. You can go ahead and d-load this Connector from and it will be compatible with Apple OSX 10.5 and higher versions.

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