Verizon iPhone arrival further confirmed by Teleperformance increasing hiring for customer support: How much longer before Apple/Verizon Wireless make it official?

October 26, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Sometimes we feel like we are clutching at the straws. But what seems more amazing is that all these little straws seem to add up pretty well and make the bigger picture clearer by the day! The saga of Verizon Wireless, Apple and iPhone 4 goes on. We speculated that Verizon iPhone 4 could be one of the 6 LTE Handsets that Verizon is planning to launch at CES. Then we spotted the White iPhone 4 in New York City. We heard rumors of the CDMA Dual-SIM iPhone on Verizon and now the early 2011 launch seems more real with even call centers associated with Verizon and Apple starting a hiring Spree.

The latest advertising asking for applications to various openings in the call center says Salt Lake City-based Teleperformance is hiring at facilities across the country. Teleperformance has been known to work as call center supplier for both Apple and Verizon and this hiring spree furthers the notion that the Verizon iPhone 4 is now on its way out and will make its appearance early next year.

Even Kennesaw, Ga.-based Ryla is advertising for 1,700 positions in Indiana, California, Virginia, and Colorado and with Ryla already known for its alliance with AT&T, maybe Verizon is taking a bit of help them as well! So when can we see the Verizon iPhone being presented officially? We say CES 2011 will be the official launch, if not the release event.

We know CES is huge and it might indeed be the right time to show the world the long-awaited Verizon iPhone. Reading all this probably AT&T is thinking, “if we only kept our iPhone customers happier!”

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