Verizon Galaxy Tab will Lack Skype, NFL Mobile & V CAST Video at Launch

October 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have bad news for those of you who are waiting anxiously to get hold of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. New reports are suggesting that Skype Mobile, NFL Mobile and V CAST Video won’t be available on the Verizon Galaxy Tab at launch. Check out the leaked document that is proof on the matter.

The leaked Verizon employee training material for the tablet, which comes courtesy of Engadget, suggests that the above said apps will not be available on the Android tablet at launch.

This has come as a major disappointment for those who are waiting for the arrival of the tablet. The major loss will have to be the lack of Skype, since it would be a good way of adding voice calling capabilities to the device.

Unfortunately there is no information available about how much time we will have to wait for those apps. Let us hope that the new information just means that the apps won’t be available at launch and will be supported sometime in the future.

But, is this something that will keep you from buying the tablet. Let us know your thoughts on the new info.

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