Sony Ericsson Android Phones Hits iPhone Sales in Japan

October 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Japan’s MM Research Institute has revealed that the Apple’s share of phones in Japan has been affected by Sony Ericsson’s Android powered phones such as the Xperia X10. Check out the image which shows the overall phone share (larger companies).

Although the study conducted by the institute has shown that the iPhone sales still had a comfortable lead at 60 percent (down from 61 percent a year earlier) of all smartphones in the first half of 2010, Japan’s historical preference for non-smartphone but very feature-heavy devices meant that Apple was in seventh place overall.

From the above image, the company which tops the list is Sharp which is followed by Fujitsu and Panasonic. Apple gets the 7th spot, just behind Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson’s rise is in sharp contrast to an overall worldwide drop and could likely be credited directly to the launch of the X10 on NTT DoCoMo early in the year.

It is expected that this balance isn’t likely to maintain itself through the second half of the year. Sony Ericsson had focused on lower-end phones after the launch of X10.

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