Playstation Phone from Sony arrives with questions aplenty: Rumored Specs, Features, Android 3.0 Platform, Release Date & Price Tag discussed!

October 26, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So, we are going to believe right off the bat that this here indeed is the Playstation Phone. We obviously have no way to confirm the accuracy until Sony breaks its silence. But many who looked at the leaked images (including our own gaming experts) seem to believe that it is genuine and hence we will go along with that for now. What we are more interested though is all the news that surrounds the image. So what exactly will the Playstation Phone come loaded with and when will it get to your home?

Specs & Features:

Let us start of looking at the specs first. On the inside is 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, a 512MB RAM and 1GB of ROM. Sounds good and while a 512MB RAM could do just fine, maybe we would have loved to see something higher for all those game sessions that it will have to endure. There also seems to be a front-facing camera, with the design and ergonomics following the PSP closely.

Running on Android 3.0:

Despite the phone being out for just a few hours now (We mean the leaked shots), the concern for Android 3.0 inside seems huge. We love the Android platform and it seems great for a variety of reasons, but gaming may not exactly be one of those. Apart from the limited gaming apps on offer, Sony will start hearing complaints about multi-tasking while on a gaming and the lack of proper support for the device.

It would be best if they could manage to modify the Playstation Phone so that it can integrate with other OS as well. Limiting to Android might not be a great idea for Sony; especially with ‘games’ being the selling point of Playstation Phone


Considering that this is a GSM handset, AT&T should get one. There are many who believe Verizon will get it as well. What will be good for Sony is to take it to all the major carriers (Sprint and T-Mobile included) and forget about this exclusivity thing. Just let all those who want to buy a Playstation Phone on a network they are comfortable with do it.

Release Date & Price Tag:

Expect this to be out in the first quarter of 2011. We know that Sony is trying hard to capitalize on the holiday shopping spree, but the Playstation Phone may just not be finished and polished by then. What the Playstation Phone will set you back by is not known yet. But expect it to be not easy on your pocket one bit.

So, there you go. Yes, not many details yet, especially on pricing. But it is only leaked shots that are just out! The not-so-great RAM, probable poor battery life and the fact that we still are not sure how android and Sony will go along, indicate that in a time where there are awesome handhelds for your needs as a gamer, the Playstation Phone could so easily tumble.

So like the look of Playstation Phone? Anything you want added on? Or do you think this is not the Playstation Phone at all? We are listening…

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