PayPal Mobile for iPhone 3.0 Becomes Official, Beta to Launch in San Francisco

October 26, 2010, By Alex Ion

After having quite some trouble with mobile payments in the past, and that includes a pay-by-text service that never took off, today, Paypal have officially rolled out Paypal Mobile 3.0 for the iPhone.

While the company acknowledges that mobile payments are not something the world is ready to embrace, “yet”, the opportunity is massive, which is why they also announced Mobile Express Checkout, a two-click payment on a mobile device that keeps you logged in to Paypal while you surf the web.

That along with an improved app that now delivers localization features — merchants send deals and promotions to customer’s phones based on their locations, and the new PayPal Mobile for iPhone 3.0 sounds like a great app to use when looking for bargains online.

So how exactly will that work? Let’s take Starbucks for an example. They’ll use Mobile Express Checkout to reload their Starbucks Cards directly from their Starbucks Card Mobile app. So the idea is to actually pay for your cappuccino before you enter the shop — which means you’ll just get in, show them your iPhone and get a fresh cup of coffee without standing in line. Cool, eh?

Paypal will begin trialing their new PayPal Mobile for iPhone 3.0 app in San Francisco first (they’ve already did it with Nike and The Foot Locker for the last few months), and if all things go as planned, everyone will get their shot at using it on their Apple branded smartphone.

Are you interesting in mobile payments folks?

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