N900 can now run unmodified webOS games: Maemo users pave way for cross-platform gaming! (Video of NFS Undercover & SIMS 3 on N900)

October 26, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Love to play some of those WebOS games on your Nokia N900 without having to reboot into a different operating system? With both Palm and Nokia showcasing similar methods of developing native Linux apps (SDL 1.2) and the hardware between Palm Pre and the N900 being similar enough, Maemo users have found a way to put those cool WebOS games on your Nokia N900. It will not need you rebooting your OS and you can run all those games currently on offer by WebOS on your N900 handset!

Cross-platform gaming is no doubt the way to go forward. Consumers are probably sick of all this exclusivity nonsense that mobile operating systems are throwing at them. (Yes, Apple, we are looking at you). With Both Palm Pre and the N900 being close in hardware design and Palm and Nokia having similar method of developing Linux Apps, Maemo hardcore fans have found a way to get games like Need for Speed: Undercover and SIMS 3 onto the N900.

For those who are interested in tweaking their won N900, you can probably get started by following instructions given here. But what this does emphasize is the popularity that cross-platform gaming will receive in the coming times. It is very much a possibility now!

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