Kids want Santa to bring them iPhones, iPads and iPod for Christmas: Apple, PlayStation and Xbox replace the dolls and toys!

October 26, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

And in other news Steve Jobs is trying long and hard to grow a long white beard and mustache, pot belly and is carrying a huge red bag with Apple logo on it as he tries to fit down the modern kitchen chimneys! Yes, he will give away the iPhones, iPads and iPods to kids for free in exchange for their parents’ credit cards. Okay, so all this is not accurate reporting, but the fact that kids want the tech gadgets more than the Barbie Doll collection or action figures is indeed true.

In a survey conducted among 2,138 children, most wanted Apple products or the Xbox and PlayStation- in other words, it is all techy! And this is not just in case of the boys as even the girls would much rather prefer an iPad touch to the Barbie Collection. The popularity of Apple products seems to cut across age groups as well, but the closer you get to being a teen, the greater the lure of Apple.

With that said, parents must be really having a hard time pleasing their kids with the gifts they want for Christmas. Just the cost of each of those items and the survey seems to justify why Apple is speeding up shipping time in Holiday Season. Steve Jobs might not be happy with all the stick he gets around here, but he sure as hell will not mind one bit if Apple merchandise continues to move the way it is doing right now!

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