JooJoo 2 Tablet to be Android-based; Launch Early Next year

October 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Fusion Garage, the manufacturer of JooJoo is mulling over their next tablet device, may be a better JooJoo, to be launched by next year. Unofficial sources from the company claim that the new JooJoo is based on Android. But Google is yet to approve it as an Android tablet.

The company claims to be in talks with Google, but the device has been reported to be not following the strict guidelines to be followed by Android devices. Since it is not yet approved as an Android device, customers will not be able to access the Android market. The company has plans to optimize the Android brain to meet the needs of the market in an innovative way.

The technical specs of the device are not yet out, either through leaks or by official statements. From the details available, the new device will have interesting features like unified updates from different messaging services delivered at a single interface. In other words, it brings important messages to one point where it can be conveniently accessed without browsing through different apps.

To add more to the news, guys at Fusion Garage says that they will stop manufacturing the old model, once they roll out the new JooJoo. But the company will be extending tech support for the existing customers.

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