iPhone app sees Antoine Dodson pitching in: Sex Offender Tracker App now available for iPhone and Android users! (Video Inside)

October 26, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Few might find it funny and a few might find it offensive. But either way Antoine Dodson’s endorsing of the Sex Offender Tracker app has got it what its makers wanted. The app is already hugely talked about and for the ultra-cautious parents who happen to have an iPhone or even an android smartphone, this latest app should come in handy for double-checking their locality. It does seem a bit far-fetched to have an app that uses latest augmented-reality technology along with GPS to locate homes of registered sex offenders in the locality!

That seems all the more unnecessary when you can actually check the list of registered sex offenders online any time of the day. Of course, there will be many parents out there who will feel otherwise and would probably get this app just for the sake of safety. It will cost $1.99 and probably that is not too much of a price to pay for safety.

So what about the Antoine Dodson video? Well, we have it here and you can check it out. 5% of all the earnings go to RAINN Organization, which is the largest anti-sexual assault organization in the US. While the app may not be bought extensively, it has no doubt already received extensive publicity!

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