iPhone 4 shipping time to drop as a part of Apple’s Holiday Season Specials along with Free iPad engraving: Steve Jobs gets some Christmas Sprit!

October 26, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Apple will not only offer you free iPad engraving for the holiday season, but they have also promised to bring down the shipping dates so that your gifts reach in time for you to distribute and celebrate! The laser engraving on the back, that Apple is now offering for iPads was previously solely reserved for the iPods, but the top boss at Apple seems to have mellowed down into a holiday mood and has taken on board some festive spirit (That and the fact that Steve Jobs knows this is the time when you get most tempted to spend your hard earned cash!)

So apart from that promised free engraving on iPads, now Apple is promising that they will also reduce the shipping time of the iPhone 4. What took nearly 3 weeks in September this year will now take just 3 days or less. Yes, the iPhone 4 will be delivered within US in 3 working days or less to help spread the festive cheer (And also spread its market share)

Okay, so we give Apple a bit of a hard time. We do agree that this helps immensely those who might end up picking an iPhone 4 as a gift for someone they love, a bit too close to the big day. So the good news kids is that you can now order just 3 days in advance and still gift ‘ME’ the iPhone 4 in time!

(Now, now… no need to fight over it. One can give the iPhone 4, another the iPod Touch and maybe you at the end of the line can wait and give the PlayBook when it comes out. I am very considerate!… Did I mention the MacBook…)

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