HP Slate vs Apple iPad: Just How Comparable Are They

October 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Every tablet that has been introduced in the market after the Apple iPad release has been compared to the Apple variant belonging to the same genre. This ironically is the norm for smartphones as well, as every smartphone that hits the market gets compared to the Apple iPhone. This isn’t entirely acceptable, but then nothing can be done about it as it is reflective of the Apple success.

HP’s Slate 500 is suffering this wrath in the present context, although both these gadgets are utterly different. The only similarity is that they belong to the same genre. The Slate is obviously more powerful but then this difference cannot be quoted to assume that it is better than the iPad. You need to understand that the Slate is a PC while the Apple iPad is an appliance. That is why you find that most of the Slate components are found on your PC as well. Hence it can be said that an iPad belongs to a totally different class.

The User Interface of these two devices is also entirely different where the Slate UI is the same as the Windows 7, while the Apple iPad UI is optimized for pointing devices.

Also there is a generational difference, as the HP Slate uses WIMP UI which belongs to the second generation UI paradigm, while iPad uses multitouch, physics and gestures (MPG) computing, which is the third-generation user interface.

Even in an overall comparison, there is a huge usability difference. Moral of story then is that these two are utterly different gadgets and comparing them is ‘possible but not sensible’.

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