How to Use WordPress for Android

October 26, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Blogging often seems to be one of those tasks that require you are locked to your desk. Finding links, inserting images and of course writing the post itself can be tricky if you’re away from your desk or laptop, particularly if you’re trying to access your WordPress admin screen via a poor mobile browser, on a small display, or both.

Many mobile platforms have a suitable app for accessing WordPress and Android is one of them.

Using the WordPress for Android app – available for free via the Market – you can write posts, publish them, add tags and set categories and even approve and publish drafts written by your contributors!

We’ll assume you’ve already got started and downloaded the app – let’s have a look at how easy it is to write and publish a post!

Setting Up WordPress for Android

Before you start posting, you need to setup your WordPress app to access your blog. To do this, enter the programs menu and run the app. Once it has opened, press your menu button to display the Add Account option. You will then be able to:

1. Start a new blog at

2. Add existing blog

3. Add existing site

Depending on the type of WordPress blog you have, you would choose option 2 or 3; otherwise you would choose option 1 to start totally from scratch.

In this tutorial we are going to concentrate on option 3 – adding an existing site. This means you are linking your WordPress for Android app to a website you already own or contribute to which has software from installed.

When you have made your option, you will be asked for the Blog URL, your Username and your Password. Enter these and click on Save to proceed. Note that if WordPress was installed on your server into a separate folder, you would need to include this as the URL, for instance:

Once your blog has been connected and configured, you will need to select it from the main index screen of the app.

Publishing With WordPress for Android

To write a post, select your blog from the main screen of the app. Go to the Posts tab and select the + sign in the lower left corner.

This will take you to the New Post screen, and here you can add a Title, Content and even add Media directly from your Android phone. Tags can be entered directly into a text field, while you can also access the Category menu and select one suitable for your post.

Style the text in your post using the buttons – choose from bold, italics, underlined and strikethrough type. You can also insert links and format blockquotes.

With your post written, you can either Save it if you wish to add to it later (either on your phone or on your PC) or Upload Now to send it to your WordPress blog straightaway.

Managing Your WordPress Blog with Android

This app will also allow you to manage the posts written by your contributors, as well as approve or discard comments.

In the Posts list, you will see posts by yourself and contributors, in a variety of stages. They might be published, draft or pending review. Those that are marked “Pending” can be published by tapping and then selecting the Edit Post option, then under Status right at the bottom of the post screen tick the Publish? option and Save.

Similarly, entries on the Comments tab can be marked as Spam, Approved, Unapproved and you can even Reply to them, simply by tapping the selected post and choosing from the menu options within!

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