Download and Install the Windows Phone 7 Emulator

October 26, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Fancy a look at Windows Phone 7 but don’t want to splash out on a new handset or sign up to a lengthy new contract?

Afraid of putting yourself in the hands of a persuasive mobile phone shop salesman, or just keen to keep your wallet in your pocket until you have made up your mind?

Why not try a Windows Phone 7 emulator, which will allow you to admire the user interface of the phone from the comfort of your on PC, without having to even hold on of these superb mobile handsets?

Where Can I Find a Windows Phone 7 Emulator?

Windows Phone 7 emulatorThere are a handful of emulators for Windows Phone 7 available on the web, mainly via the same resource. is a community of expert Windows Mobile, Android and Windows Phone 7 developers how mainly focus on developing apps and streamlined ROMs (versions of the mobile operating systems) for phones from HTC, as well as those from Samsung, Dell, Sony Ericsson and many others.

Their Windows Phone 7 community is growing, and by joining the forum and checking out the WP7 forums you will be able to gain access to a download link for easy installation of this emulator.

Downloading the Standalone Windows Phone 7 Emulator

There is little point in anyone looking to purchase a handset powered by Windows Phone 7 to download a specific handset emulator – what you need is the standalone emulator that will give you a mouse-controlled interface with the unique UI.

There are two choices, 32-bit and 64-bit and each is hosted on, so you might have a short wait before they can be downloaded:

  • Download 64bit version
  • Download 32bit version

Note however that these links may die. To check if they have changed, visit and once you have signed up select an emulator option suitable for your Windows version.

With the file downloaded, it will be time to install the emulator. This is a simple process – as the link says, it is a one-click install, and doesn’t involve any of the complicated addition of other files in order to get it to work.

Using the Windows Phone 7 Emulator

Appearing as a black rectangle on your Windows desktop, the Windows Phone 7 emulator is a realistic online representation of the user interface on a real handset. Whereas on a handheld device you would scroll around with your thumb or forefinger, with this emulator (unless you have a touchscreen monitor!) the access is via your mouse.

Scroll up and down to access the various Windows Phone 7 hubs (Office, People, Pictures, Music & Video, Marketplace, Games), and within each of these scroll left to right to browse the options and content within each.

Although the emulator is running on your PC, you will not be able to use it to view web pages or take advantage of the integrated social networking options that he platform offers.

Despite this, the Windows Phone 7 standalone emulator is a great way to find out if this user interface is something you will be comfortable with before you go an splash out a few hundred notes or signup to a mobile contract.

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