Apple Celebrating the Holidays With Free Personal Laser Engraved Messages on the iPad

October 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Every consumer electronics manufacturer tries to lure in buyers with attractive deals for the holiday season. Talk about giants from this arena and Apple surely is the biggest name. This behemoth has always had a different way of creating an identity for itself and the behavior will not change much even during the holidays.

Apple is celebrating the holiday season with the announcement of free-laser engraved message on the iPad. Well, this implies that all Apple iPad interested buyers (during the holidays) will get a blend of personalization and people looking to make the iPad a reminder forever are surely going to admire this effort from Cupertino.

These personalized messages will be laser-engraved on the iPads and Apple will not charge a penny to get the engraving done. Apple has done so in the past, to boost the iPod sales during the festivities and now the iPad is officially the next in line.

The only problem with such customization is that personalized Apple iPads will not be returned for refund or exchange under any circumstances, and though Apple is yet to endorse this condition, we are sure Cupertino will come up with this clause sooner or later.

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