Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi-only model offered by Best Buy for $499: To be released along with Sprint 3G model on November 14

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Seems to be a day of leaked news and there have been some potentially huge leaks so far. First there was the LG Android Mobile for Verizon. Then the Blackberry Bold 9780 on T-Mobile. Topping that was the supposed picture of Samsung Galaxy S2 that could run on Android 3.0. Now it is the time for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and its release date in the US. (Seems like a huge day for Android). Best Buy ads show both the release date and the price tag of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and you can now expect, the 3G+WiFi model and only WiFi model to be out on November 14.

According to the Best Buy ad the silver WiFi-only Tab will be available for $499.99, which is just a dollar over the iPad price tag. Best Buy will also be selling a Black 3G model on Verizon and a silver 3G model on Sprint that will also be out on November 14. While the date when sales would begin at Best Buy has not been yet officially given out by the firm, it is almost certain that late November should see the release of the Galaxy Tab in the US market in all its possible available versions.

While the contract-free price of the Wi-Fi model is slated to be $499.99, the contracted price on each of the network is still unclear and should be the real talking point as one gets closer to the release date. With AT&T and T-Mobile not on the Best Buy list as of now, expect maybe a late addition to the sales ad very soon as well!

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