RIM offers BlackBerry Playbook Tablet Simulator that is available for both Mac & Windows users (Link to the simulator inside)

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

RIM has released BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator and you can now go to the RIM site and play around with it a little bit. Yes, we are not very excited about it as this is just not the real thing. That said, probably something is indeed better than nothing and since the actual release of the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet is still a long way away, we might have to just do with this.

The simulator can be found on the RIM website and is downloadable for both Mac and Windows users. Along with the announcement of the simulator came the availability of the Adobe AIR SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS. That apparently allows users to create ‘rich and powerful applications like never before.’ This entire thing tough, seems to have created little excitement as the simulator losses you beyond a couple of minutes of playing around and the new OS will probably be best experienced when the actual Tablet comes out.

So in case you are hoping to uncover something new and sensational from the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Simulator, then you will be left very disappointed. But if you go in there to just take an initial look and get a feel for it, it is worth the time. For those who wish to check out the simulator, you can do so right here.

So how was your simulator experience?

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