PSP2 to be released with Backside Touch Controls, Larger Screen and HD Resolution in the fall of 2011!

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We expected Sony to maybe give us the news of PSP2 at the Tokyo Game Show, but that came and went without any sweet news regarding the PSP2. Now further details are starting to emerge about the next in the line of Sony’s Playstation Portable devices. In what must sound really awesome to game lovers across the globe, Sony is apparently busy parading the device to developers across the globe and with that further interesting details are starting to flow out.

According to the latest reports, the PSP2 will have a display screen that is larger than the PSP, that currently is loved across the planet. The screen is slated to get a whole inch bigger than that of the PSP now available. There is also an added bonus as the new screen will go HD with the resolution; something that is more or less given by now.

We already have seen extensive reports about the touchpad which will appear on the back of the device. So when will the PSP2 actually show up? Not anytime soon as the ‘fall of 2011’ is rumored to be the time when it will be out in stores and in our hands. Considering that the actual PSP came out around the same time of the year all that long ago, this seems a pretty believable release time.

So like the shape that the PSP2 is taking? Would you like to see something added? Let us know…

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