PSP Go Handheld price brought down to $199 in Japan and the US: An effort to rope in the Christmas Shopping rush!

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

How do you know that festive shopping season is here? When major brands start reducing prices, offering freebies and maybe even throwing in an added gift or two to ensure that they stay in the buyers’ horizon. Sony has done exactly just that by bringing down the price of its PSPGo handheld in the US and in Japan. The new price of the portable game player in both the countries is $199; which is a $50 slash off of the existing price. For those in the Japan though the new price is 16,800 yen ($207), while the PSPGo previously was sold for 26,800 yen.

Yup, in a sense the Japanese are not getting it for $199, but that is why we always say that price conversion should not be taken too literally! This is a further shot-in-the-arm for Sony following Nintendo’s announcement that its 3D-capable DS portable game player would not be available until next year. That gives Sony a chance to get a huge chunk of the market sales in the next month and a half, which it might have surely lost otherwise.

Sony has apparently already sold over 61 million units of PSP since 2004 and will surely look to add to that number in a big way following the price slash. The newly priced PSPGo is already available on Sony’s US PlayStation, Amazon and Gamestop. So does the new price make a difference in your decision making?

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