Nokia N900 Maemo OS Gets Updated With Version v20.2010.36-2, Introduces Ovi Suite

October 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

Nokia N900 MeeGo hopefuls will remains hopefuls all their lives or else they can choose to pursue their custom Maemo OS with the Finnish giant rendering updates at decent intervals. Well then, assuming that you have made a choice, the news is that the Nokia N900 Maemo can now be updated with version v20.2010.36-2. To make things a tad simpler, this is update version PR1.3 which is readily available for download.

The file size is 84MB and considering the dicey nature of these updates, you are recommended to go for a backup for that might save your stuff even if something backfires. Moving on to the most interesting part (for me at least), once this update is in place, it will render support for Nokia Ovi Suite, performance improvements (speed in particular), better support for apps, and numerous of Maemo 5 fixes.

This implies that you will finally be able to make on-device music purchases through the N900′s browser and Nokia’s Ovi Music Store. As far as updating the device is concerned, you will either require a Nokia PC Suite to do it manually or else the OTA update will come to your rescue sooner or later.

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