New Killzone 3 Screenshots

October 25, 2010, By Christian Davis

One of the best first person shooters around, Killzone 3, is getting discussed more and more these days. We now have a nice set of screenshots for the upcoming blockbuster title.

One thing you may notice is how brown these images are. Shooters lately have been going this route for some time and even though it may look kinda cool, the world isn’t a murky brown color. Other than that the images are quite nice.

The amount of detail that this game is going to have is very impressive. Debris from destroyed buildings has covered the landscape and you can tell that it looks like a war that we are losing.

Graphically, the game is gorgeous. The Killzone franchise has always been something to admire. The single player of the game looks fantastic and it looks just as good in the multiplayer aspect. Usually the graphics are dumbed down, but not with this title.

Here are the rest of the screenshots below.

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