New Diablo 3 Trailer Reveals the Demon Hunter Class

October 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

Diablo three is on the promotion drive and to keep the fanatics interested, there is a new trailer which has been showcased on the first day of BlizzCon 2010. The trailer is all about a new character class dubbed the Demon Hunters. This class will particularly appeal to the lovers of the bow and arrow war times as the Demon Hunters use crossbows and other traditional weapons.

Shadow magic is also a part of their repertoire, which means that this unit is definitely going to win a huge bunch of admirers and that includes me as well. Demon Hunters expertise extends to using some gadgets and traps along with the ability to bounce grenades off different environments.

This class will have both male and female warriors and the male character is yet to make a public appearance. More niceties include the Multishot skill or the Bola Shot skill-which is depicted in the trailer below. BlizzCon is still on people and we will keep you informed about the most interesting revelations.

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