Microsoft Windows 8 to Be Released in 2012: Microsoft Netherlands Team reveals on first anniversary of Windows 7

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

There has not been much said by Microsoft regarding its future Operating System for PCs and Laptops. All the focus in recent times seems to have been around the Windows Phone 7 and the mobile platform. But on the first anniversary celebrations of Windows 7, Microsoft Netherlands have posted that Windows 8 would be out ‘in 2 years time’. So that puts the release date for Windows 8 somewhere in 2012.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is already phasing out XP. It was around July 2010, the support for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 stopped. The Service Pack for Windows 7 is expected to be out somewhere in the first half of next year. Once that is out, maybe one can see a further roadmap which will eventually lead to Windows 8.

The news posted by Microsoft Netherlands team officially on their websites has created plenty of buzz and while the source is very trustworthy, we still might see a bit more delay in the final launch of Windows 8 as Microsoft might take its own sweet time in ironing it out before the final release. But that is still a long, long way away no doubt.

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