Leaked snapshot of LG Android Mobile that could be out on Verizon Wireless: Do the pics give away specs?

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Will there be a high-end LG Android Mobile that will come out on Verizon Wireless very soon at some time in the future? Are we actually looking at it right now? The latest leaked picture that is doing around is supposedly a ‘LG Android mobile’ that will be out on Verizon next year and considering Verizon is expected to launch six LTE handsets early next year, will this be one of them?

When will Verizon release the six-LTE handsets next year is another major question. Some believe that it could be at CES 2011, but that would be a date too early considering that the actual network might not be ready until second half of 2011. Back on to the handset though, this one seems to have a HD camera as well, along with the visible LTE logo on the back. That most likely would mean that you could have 720p or 1080p capture.

The display though looks pretty huge and the mirrored surface might actually have a front-facing camera in the upper-right side. There might also be a DLNA logo on the back panel, but we will have to see how that progresses. Either way, this could very well be one of the six LTE handsets that Verizon promised next year. If it is, then we are sure looking out, hoping the other 5 would also be out soon… Maybe with a few more leaks!

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