Italy Orders Google to give 3-day Notice before Street View Cars go on-road even as Google admits Street View cars grabbed emails, urls & passwords

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Google is already facing some lawsuits across the globe for privacy infringement (Spain being one of the places) and now Italy has issued a stern notice which clearly tells the net giant that it will have to issue a 3-day prior notice about the routes of the Google Street View Car as the privacy of citizens is paramount. Google has to publish three days in advance on its website, in local newspapers and on radio in which locality, including which area of a large city, the cars will be operating.

This only seems fair as we are getting further reports that tell us that Google has indeed admitted to having secured some personal information thanks to the Google Street View Car. Google’s senior vice president of engineering Alan Eustace, has said that the Google Street View Car has tapped into unsecured local Wi-Fi connections on its trips around and has collected ‘unintentionally’ some personal information that includes addresses, passwords, urls and email ids.

But Google claims that this is completely ‘fragmented’ data and the company has no use for it. They did promise to delete it as soon as possible and said that they were indeed ‘sorry’ for the infringement. But this sure has raised alarm in general public, who rightly feel that they should be neither photographed nor their info tapped into, without their consent.

While Google says that it will beef up its internal security and privacy measures, there still seems fair bit of distrust (which seems well-placed) when the Google Street View Cars do come around. So, with things getting murkier as days pass on and investigations being launched against it, Google seems to have a pretty uphill task on its hand.

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