iOS 4.1 possess minor fault allowing you to access Phone app, photo album and camera even when the iPhone 4 screen is locked: A slight security concern for all Apple iPhone users!

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you have been counting on your iPhone passcode entry to block everything and everyone from accessing your latest Apple goodie, then few have already found a way to bypass that and get inside. Of course, not completely and fully, but being able to access your call history, voice mail and address book could be enough of a infringement into your privacy. Add to that the fact that one can even access the camera and photo album without having to ever enter a passcode and it just makes the security concern all the more greater. So how is it possible?

From what we hear just keying in a random number in the emergency call field, pressing call, and then immediately hitting the hardware lock button will take you to the Phone app, which should allow you to access features such as the phonebook, call history and more. You could also just press ‘share contact’ and then the camera icon to go to the photo album inside.

So, we are not sure how this all started. Maybe someone who was really bored keyed in a number and hit the hardware button accidentally. But with the news already doing rounds, be careful while giving away your latest iPhone 4; especially if you are keeping someone in the contacts and photo album from your past. Maybe even with call history! Either way, this is not real great news for iPhone users at all… If it’s just fun, then all is well. But otherwise….

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