India to get a 3D mobile for $97 from Spice: What quality does it really offer?

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So, a 3D mobile handset that will be available for less than $100- Sounds pretty unbelievable? Probably one should not really believe it anyway, considering this looks more like an advertising gimmick than an actual great offer to snap up. We say so not because it comes cheap or because it is not some fancy Apple product launched in New York City, but just because the UI of the mobile and the record of the company that offers the deal, both look pretty iffy.

Spice Mobility has just announced that it will offer a 3D dual-SIM mobile for just around $97 (Rs. 4,299). While it sounds a great deal, the actual auto stereoscopic display might not exactly be what you would be dreaming about. Add to that the not-so-flattering 2 Megapixel camera and the other features that look very basic and the M-67 3D looks pretty pale indeed.

Spice does not have a record of producing top-notch mobiles in India, has a very limited market share and is only starting to find its feet among the potential billion consumers there. All that probably indicates that this is more of an advertising trick that is aimed to rope in several new users for the network.

But of course we will wait and keep an eye on the M-67 3D to see how it actually does when it does come out! Either way, Spice has already got what it wanted with the announcement- some print space and air time!

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