HTC Knight Roll out On Sprint on Jan 6; On Time for CES

October 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC is preparing to launch its new Android phone HTC Knight, on January 6 – the first day of Consumer Electronics Show 2011. The new device from HTC is heading for Sprint.

It is also heard that HTC Knight may come out with a new name – HTC Speedy. However there is no official confirmation on these details yet. HTC Knight comes with interesting features, among which its 3.7 inch screen is the most attractive one. Some sources tell us that the new phone resembles a smaller Evo 4G.

The four round-shaped soft-keys at the bottom of the screen helps the users carry out the navigational needs apart from working as short cuts to routine tasks.  The phone is expected to have 4G capabilities.

There are rumors that HTC is bringing out the phone with a slider this time. But that doesn’t mean a confirmed presence of QWERTY keyboard, with the new device. The capacitive touchscreen keys along with an expected virtual key board may meet the user needs. So the slider may be a hint at something else, like in the HTC Surround model.

Knight is also equipped with a micro USB plug like Evo but certain reports say that the newbie looks like Nexus One in its outlook and features. We shall wait for the knight till Jan 6 and see which is true.

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