How to Tweet in Android

October 25, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Tweeting isn’t just something you can do from your PC – in fact Twittering on the go is a pretty cool activity that lets you update friends, share thoughts and even photos while you’re on the move.

There are many different Twitter apps for the various mobile platforms; we’re going to focus on Twidroyd here but the same ideas and principles can be applied to pretty much any mobile Twitter client.

Whether you’re going to the pub, going to the cinema or just sitting on a train, sending Tweets from your phone can instantly change the situation you are in. For instance, sharing photos from a drinking session with friends might be a great way to entice other friends to step out; tweeting about which film you’re going to see might give you a much needed opportunity to see a different movie as your followers send you links to bad reviews; quite often, anything is better than being stuck on a train!

Tweet on the Go

One of the great things about mobile phones and market-based apps is the ease with which they can be installed. If your mobile contract has a generous data plan or our in range of a free wi-fi hotspot, simply installing a Twitter app for Android like Twidroyd (available via the Market or via can open a whole world of communications pleasure for you!

Using such an app you can not only tweet and upload photos, you can take send links to video clips you have uploaded to the web, share links, retweet updates from people that you follow and generally just engage!

Twitter from Android Phones with Twidroyd

To get started, run Twidroyd on your Android phone and once you have signed in, give the posts are read – you might spot someone you want to reply to. Also, press the @ button to see if anyone has retweeted any of your previous tweets (either made earlier on your mobile or from your PC) and don’t forget to check your inbox for direct messages. Incidentally, if you have used Twidroyd previously but rarely gone back to it, you might find that the listed tweets are old ones. Simply press the Refresh button to liven things up and bring everything up to date.

Next, press the speech bubble button to write a tweet. Remember, you have 140 characters in which to say something meaningful. In most cases, you’ll fail, but this is a great opportunity to say something amazing, or at least send something that people will want to see.

It is with the posting a tweet option that you can also attach pictures or movie clips. The familiar paperclip icon is the route you should take here – this will take you to a menu where you can either insert a photo, previous video clip or even record a new one. Adding this sort of media does depend on the quality of the clip, of course, with higher res clips taking longer to upload. Once you’re ready to send, click on the right-facing triangle (note that adding videos is only available in the premium PRO version)!

Incidentally, if you’re happy to share your location while tweeting on the move, hit the menu button, go to Settings and activate the Add Geolocation by default option – this will help all the guys you’ve just invited to the pub to work out just where you are!

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