Google Android Market breaches the 100,000 apps mark

October 25, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Google’s Android Developer twitter channel has just announced that the number of applications on Android Market has officially crossed the 100,000 mark. The official announcement has still not come out. The new benchmark however still tags the Android Market at second place below Apple’s iOS AppStore’s 250,000 apps.

The sheer number of apps is only one metric on the scale of measuring the success of an app platform. The more important point, as to whether the apps that are on the market are of good enough quality to be appealing and useful to the end users is something that is still to be questioned. While Apple has a very strict and sometimes draconian rules and regulations on what can and cannot be out up on the AppStore, Google has been comparatively much more open and lenient in their regulations regarding applications.

While Google’s open stance has helped Android attain the title of being the number one smartphone platform in the US as of now, it faces some issues when it comes to the quality of the applications in the market.

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