Giant Gingerbread Man hints at the next Google Android Version: The question is will it be Android 3.0 or just Android 2.3? (Video Inside)

October 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Yes guys, that is indeed a giant ‘Gingy’ and yes, we should probably have a slugfest between him and Shrek. But it just seems that guys at Google have plenty of time on their hands and nothing to do. So instead of just sitting around and getting paid for doing nothing (or swooping in on our privacy), they have decided to make a giant Gingerbread man and put him up to announce the arrival of Google Gingerbread OS. Well, it seems to have put a few smiles on people’s faces and that is all good, but what exactly does Gingerbread represent?

Will it be Android 3.0 or just ‘Froyo plus one’ as some are now pointing out? It probably would be pretty disappointing if it is just Android 2.3 as people have built-it up to a point of no return. Anything less than a release of Android 3.0 will see huge disappoint across the globe. But that said, is it the number that matters or the features?

What exactly does the next version of Android carry seems to be the more sensible question and while recent leaks have provided a few insights, we await for Google to come out with further details. Till then enjoy the video…

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