First 15 minutes of Fable 3

October 25, 2010, By Christian Davis

Lion Head Studios’ long awaited sequel, Fable 3, is officially here tomorrow. Those who can not wait to see some of the game are in luck. We have a video showcasing the first 15 minutes of the game.

Without giving away too much, the video starts off discussing the inevitable uprising that is going to happen in the world of Fable 3. Rebels are going to fight back and no one is safe.

Fable 3 is the best looking of the series so far. Looking significantly better then Fable 2, but it’s still not the best by today’s standards.  The video also features the worlds unluckiest chicken. If you haven’t really played the Fable series, you may want to start. Fable 3 is going to take a lot of time away from the popular multiplayer games of today like Halo: Reach or Call of Duty: Black Ops.

It looks that good. Here’s the video below.

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