Apple iPad OS 4.2 Changes Orientation Lock to Mute Switch

October 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

The third Beta version of Apple iOS 4.2 went live for the developers a couple of weeks back and the full time firmware update will be rendered to the relevant Apple devices in the not so distant future. This update is going to bring a number of laudable changes, but one change which appears pretty niggling is the shift in functionality of the iPad’s Orientation locking switch to a Mute switch.

We perfectly understand what a rumor is and that is why we sadly have to mention that it isn’t a rumor, but a confirmation from the official Apple developer forums. The poster on the forums are indeed confirming this change and there is a corresponding statement which reads:

The physical switch on the iPad’s side for locking the screen orientation has been re-purposed as a mute switch. With the change, screen orientation locking is now accomplished within the multitasking tray as on the iPhone under iOS 4.

What is more is that this change will be irreversible and the same has been confirmed by the man-in-charge, Steve Jobs.

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