Amazon Kindle to Add eBook Lending Feature, Starting Later This year

October 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon will soon launch two new features, for its Kindle e-book reader, including the new ‘lending for Kindle’ which allows users to lend titles in their Kindle reader or Kindle apps with other readers. In an announcement posted in the Kindle community, Amazon team announced they will launch the new features in the coming month.

The lending for Kindle feature, which allows loaning the titles for a period of 14 days resembles the lending feature offered by B&N’s Nook, the market rival. The lender cannot access the title during the lending period and a title can be lent only once. Moreover, the lendability of the titles depends on the permissions set by the publisher of the books which means, not all books can be lent through the new feature.

In addition to the lending for Kindle feature, Amazon announced adding newspapers and periodicals to Kindle apps enabling users to read Kindle periodicals in their smartphones or similar digital devices. The feature is already available for Kindle books. To make fruitful their vision of Buy Once, Read Everywhere, Amazon will be adding the functionality to Kindle app for iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch. The feature will be later added to Kindle for Android also.

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