Killzone 3 Beta Jetpack Gameplay Video

October 23, 2010, By Christian Davis

Killzone is the Playstaion 3’s Halo. All Xbox 360 owners wish they could get their hands on it, but the Playstation 3 owners are enjoying the franchise and having a blast. One of the newer additions to the Killzone franchise is the addition of the Jet Pack. If you have a friend that says “just like Halo: Reach,” slap them in the face immediately.

The jetpack in Killzone 3 can not be compared to Halo: Reach’s. The only similarity is that they both make your player fly, but even that is fairly different. This jetpack is much more of a weapon then just a way of transportation. Armed with a high caliber, accurate machine gun, anyone who gets in the path of this jetpack is as good as dead.

One other thing that shouldn’t go unnoticed with the Killzone franchise. The multiplayer looks just good as the single player. Killzone’s multiplayer is probably the best looking out there along with Uncharted 2.

Here’s the video below.

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