Dancer Breaks His Leg On Stage At Blizzcon

October 23, 2010, By Christian Davis

No, I’m not making that up at all. At this years Blizzcon in Anaheim California, they had a dance contest on stage, hosted by Jay Mohr. The young Blizzcon attendee was an undead character from World of Warcraft and was trying his hardest to win the contest.

You can’t be mad at him for having fun. In the video(shown below) the guy has his make up on and just starts dancing away. He’s doing some sort of solitary” mosh pit” and it’s really funny because of the music they play for him. The guys falls once and gets up but the second time, he hurts himself severely and breaks his leg.

The host, Jay Mohr, tried to help him up, not realizing how bad he was hurt. The Blizzcon attendee laid there while Jay was trying to help him up. Informing the comedian, Mohr immediately called for help from the Blizzcon staff and the poor kid had to be carried off stage.

The crowd was silent and no one seems to have made a wise crack at the injured individual. Here’s the video below.

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