Sharp Logging Out of PC Business; May Focus More on Galapagos Tablet

October 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sharp is looking  to stop production and sales of its PCs  – both laptops and desktops. Although the company didn’t actually reveal the exact time of ceasing the production, it is expected to happen in a short while.  They have stated this as a strategic move for the comfortable run of the company.

Furious competition is on in the PC markets and several companies have found it hard to withstand pressure. Though the company had been enjoying a reputed position, they may find it hard to raise their profits from the extremely competitive markets.  They are planning to focus on market segments where they will have more scope for generating profits at lesser risks.

They are now putting their efforts in innovations on its newly developed e-Book technology with their Galapagos Tablet. Their hopes are lying on the growth in the market of tab devices and the increasing share of e-Books in the book market.  Their new device is expected to roll out into the Japanese market by the end of this year, probably in the month of December.

The company will be continuing with the production of their ultra compact devices including the Netwalker series. They have not stated the stoppage of the production to be permanent, and said that they may once return with the production of PCs.

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