R2-D2, it is you!Now in the form of a Sexy Swimsuit, of course!

October 22, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We talk about Star Wars and sexy and where does the mind drift? Yes, if you are thinking Princess Leia and the gold bikini, then you are right on track (So, we shall give you a moment to form the mental image, enjoy it and then get back to reading). Now that you are done and back; it is not just Princess Leia that can be sexy as R2-D2 is now joining the list. Now, this is not some kind of robotic romance tale originating from Japan. It is the R2-D2 Swimsuit that comes from Down Under…

Available from Australian e-retailers Black Milk, this Star Wars inspired bathing suit has got see-through prevention, UV blocking, UPF 50+ sun protection and is made of branded Lycra. (Yeah, see-through prevention is not so much of a gift!) So how much will this trip to Star Wars nostalgia cost you? It will set you back by about £54; which probably is not much to pay if you are a real Star Wars-geek.

So come holiday season I guess R2-D2 could take a bit of the load off of that worn-out Princess Leia bikini. So how is it doing so far? Well, to get R2-D2 Swimsuit you will have to wait for around 3 weeks as demand is extremely high. Seems like it is already a huge hit!

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