Official Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 released & available for download: Still small glitches that need fixing!

October 22, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Love Twitter? Want to pocket a Windows Phone 7 but are worried about your Tweets while on the move? Well, you can put all those concerns to rest as the Twitter app on Windows Phone 7 has already been launched and is available for download. It is not as bad as those who tried it the first few moments initially reported (It takes time getting used to anything new). Yes, there are a few minor glitches that seem to be happening now and then, but the team behind Twitter is obviously fixing it all. So Twitter is now officially on WP7!

This is really good news as it shows that the WP7 and social media are integrating pretty well and at a pretty good pace for now. So here is how it works so far for those who want to dig in right away. Loading time from the live tile menu to the top tweets page above is approximately three seconds, while scrolling is basically identical to that of WP7’s own apps. Swiping laterally gets you into ‘Trends, Suggested, and Nearby’ categories.

It works just fine and nothing out there that you will have too much of a complaint with. So did any of our readers get to give it a shot? Or are you still not sold on Windows Phone 7 itself?

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