Man Sets Fire to Gamestop

October 22, 2010, By Christian Davis

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve wanted to set fire to Gamestop before either for the un-informed employees who keep trying to sell you a subscription to a gaming magazine or because the trade in price for a game that just released is less than 12 dollars.

Yesterday in Roseville California 23 year old, Alexander Piggee, walked into the Gamestop,asked everyone to leave, and then started to set the merchandise on fire. The report did’t state anything about a reason why he would do that, but the fire did do a lot more damage to the mall then anticipated.

The black smoke from the fire was able to be seen as far away as Sacramento.  A roof collapsed in the mall and fortunately no one was hurt. Alexander Piggee did have to be taken care of medically due to the amount of smoke that he inhaled. Pigge will be charged with Arson

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