MacBook Air Review- with a twist: What you pay for when you bring home Apple’s latest 11.6-inch &13.3-inch Laptops

October 22, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The Mac Event is over. The effects are just sinking in. We have told you what both MacBook Air 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models have to offer. Now, there are many out there who have given a review of the latest notebooks from Apple. Some have ripped them open already and looked inside only to be left disappointed. We present a MacBook Air review that is a tad bit different, a bit wacky, but very simple to follow. What do we think you will end up paying for if and when you do buy the latest MacBook Air models from Apple? Let’s see…

A picture speaks a thousand words, but then we just cannot keep our mouth shut, so we will have to continue. When you do buy one of the two latest MacBook Air models unveiled then you obviously largely pay for the ‘Cool Factor’ that Apple brings. That is the biggest appeal and hence 75% of the cash Steve jobs pockets is for turning you from a ‘Geek with laptop’ to an ‘Apple fanboy with MacBook Air’.

We do recognize the brand value that Apple has built up and 10% of your cash is probably spent just for the ‘Apple Logo’. Then there is a bit of quality in that MacBook Air make and you pay 5% for that while we have given Apple credit for the portability of MacBook Air; so 10% of your money’s worth is that.

You ask, What about ‘new features’? Well, we say, ‘what new features’? You first pay for the gadget that in itself offers little. Then you pay for upgrades, which make it a bit better. Then for apps that will finally make it a bit entertaining. By the time your last Apple purchase becomes useful and relavant, there is the next Apple Event!

So from that, we understand why Apple and Steve Jobs are so successful.

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