Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Class Revealed at Blizzcon

October 22, 2010, By Christian Davis

With the 2010 Blizzcon just starting today, they have given gamers a bunch of announcements. One of which being the reveal of the fifth and final class in the very, very long awaited sequel, Diablo 3.

The class(shown above) is the Demon Hunter class. She’s a projectile character that is very good at one thing, killing demons. Her name is fitting. She is one tough chick who knows how to use a crossbow better then Robin Hood and Legolas.

The character  page available at the Diablo 3 website gives a lot about who she is and her back story which any fan of the Diablo folklore will love to read that. The best thing about the Demon Hunter is her set of weapons. She has five powerful weapons: Bola, Fan of Knives, Molten Arrow, Grenade, and the Entagling Shot. All specialize in ranged attacks and she can definitely be a great support player who always deals damage from a distance.

Here’s the Demon Hunter’s cutscene below.

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