Dell Venue Pro available now for pre-order from Expansys: Windows Phone 7 Smartphone to be out on November 8 and with microSD card support

October 22, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The Dell Venue Pro, sporting a very impressive 4.1 inch AMOLED display seems to be hitting stores come November 8, if Expansys is to be believed. Dell venue Pro is available for pre-order currently on Expansys for £499 including VAT, which comes to around $ 785 in the US. Do not take the direct conversion all too seriously, but that is still a pretty steep price range for the dazzling Dell Venue Pro. The UK carrier says that shipping will start around November 8 and they will even ship the contract-free, SIM-free handset to US, if you really must have it.

The solidly built Venue Pro comes with in-built Windows Phone 7 goodies like Xbox Live, Zune and Office among many more. The 5-megapixel camera should also keep you pretty happy. With the handset already garnering quite a bit of fanfare, expect people to place pre-orders pretty fast.

What is interesting though, is that Expansys mentions an expandable microSD memory slot for the Venue Pro and not in-built 8GB or 16GB memory option. We will have to wait for the final word on that one. With T-Mobile offering Dell Venue Pro in the US, one expects the handset to hit shelves very soon on the US carrier as well. Just look out for the official announcement from T-Mobile.

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