BlackBerry Style 9670 Hands-On Photos before Sprint Release: Justifying the Halloween Release!

October 22, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Really RIM, this is the best you could produce? BlackBerry users are some of the most patient lot on the planet. Either that, or they just seem not too bothered about the handset and more bothered about the data plans that come along. So, maybe ‘clamshell’ models are still a bit popular among a selective lot and we have no trouble letting that group enjoy a good mobile. But the BlackBerry Style 9670 is barely a good advertisement to promote the clamshell design and anything but ozzing with ‘style’.

Here is what the phone offers on the specs and features side. The Style comes out with BlackBerry 6 which is compatible with the trackpad of Style 9670 as it is with the touch screen. One the inside is 512MB RAM, 8GB card and Qualcomm 7500 series processor a 5-megapixel camera for your shutter needs.

The $99 contract that is on offer from Sprint for Style should rope in BlackBerry users and depending on your personal tastes you will either love or hate this phone. From a non-BlackBerry user perspective though, the design could use a huge lift and the entire feel itself throws you back by a few years. If you are cool about sporting any type of clamshell and are looking for a cheap deal on BlackBerry and Sprint, then maybe you can pick up 9670.

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