T-Mobile HTC HD7 Release Date Confirmed for November 8 & Priced at $199

October 21, 2010, By Atul Roach

All through the year, we spoken about the might of the Apple devices or the rising of Android and with the year ending its close, the trend is now shifting towards Windows Phone 7. Microsoft will definitely love reading this, but we are talking about the majority of handsets getting released and let us not forget that the success story of WP7 is yet to be written. Hoping MSFT takes no offense, we are glad to reveal that the T-Mobile US locked version of the HTC HD7 has finally been revealed and TMo has once again shown faith in Twitter.

Cellphone fanatics beware that Twitter isn’t just about big time celebs ‘squandering’ useless Tweets, there are some important revelations for your genre as well. Anyway, the HTC HD7 will hit T-Mobile stores across the US on November 8 and it will bear a price tag of $199.

The affordable pricing of course comes with a catch, and that is a two year 2-year contract. HTC HD7 might as well be the smartphone to make or break it for WP7 given its appreciably impressive spec sheet.

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