Samsung Omnia 7 Review: Features, Specs & Windows Phone 7 Performance Discussed

October 21, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The Samsung Omnia 7 has made many ripples in the past few weeks. The’ Omnia Mania’ has caught on further since the launch of Windows Phone 7. But how exactly does the Samsung Omnia 7 hold up when we take a hands-on look? Is one of the top contenders for Windows Phone 7 ‘flagship’ title really good enough to spend your hard earned cash on? Should you think about bringing Omnia 7 home? Everything answered as we take a detailed, yet breezy look, at the Samsung Omnia 7 in our mobile review…

Sizing Up:

The Samsung Omnia 7 measures 122.4x 64.2 x 10.99 mm and weighs in at a relatively lighter 138g. That is still not too heavy on the pocket and compared to other Windows Phone 7 handsets like the HTC HD7 that are similar to the Omnia 7 which weigh good 163g, this seems an absolute feather. Weight distribution also seems even, making it pretty balanced.

If looks could kill:

We will discuss the large screen next, but we take a look at how the mobile feels to hold and just ‘look at’ here. The metal-wrapped Omnia 7 actually has a very classy look as it is not clad in plastic and hence does not have that ‘cheap plastic’ feel. You take one look at it and instantly believe that you got your money’s worth.

Display Power:

The 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display of Omnia 7 with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels should floor you instantly. We did try and compare other LCD displays with the AMOLED screen of Omnia 7 before, but that was all hypothetical. When you actually take a look at the AMOLED display, you notice the huge difference that it makes compared to LCD displays. Visual treat!

Driving Force:

The Omnia 7 comes out with a 1GHz processor with Snapdragon chip and 576MB RAM. The 1500mAh battery on the inside will last for around 8 hours if you use it in a moderate way. The Windows Phone 7 on the inside seems pretty snappy with the UI being hassle-free. Samsung have not thrown in too many ‘custom goodies’ along with WP7. But considering this is only start, expect more to come around the corner.


Omnia 7 comes with a 5 Megapixel camera with built-in LED flash and an ability to capture 720p high-def video. The picture quality is more than acceptable and even the videos seem non-blurry with image quality being very similar to those of still shots.

Audio Quality:

Music lovers can blast their favorite tunes around on the Omnia 7, but this is not really a music phone. So expect a bit of bass and while the hands-free is comfortable to let you personally enjoy your tunes, the speaker is not a ‘music perfectionist’s’ delight by any stretch of imagination. Again Omnia 7 delivers well-enough, if not outstandingly.

Additional Features and Issues:

At This point Samsung has not put too many of its own apps on the device. But the Photo Sharing app should be more than handy for shutter bugs. The placement of the power-key apparently has become an issue; be it a minor one. The key seems to be too conveniently placed and hence you might accidentally power-down your mobile.

All in all Samsung Omnia 7 will not let you down. The glitches are far too minor, the screen far too brilliant and the handset complete enough to force a potential buyer to take a serious look. In case you do want to get onboard the WP7 bandwagon, this is a great initiation indeed!

Our Verdict: Samsung Omnia 7– Worth spending your money on

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