Nokia’s first MeeGo Device will be out only in 2011: Will it be too late to compete with Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS?

October 21, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

For all those who have been speculating on the Nokia MeeGo device release and floating around news about when it could come out, here is a dampener. Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop just made it very clear that the first Nokia MeeGO handset release will be an event for 2011. Well, so maybe it is not a dampener after all. Now you can all join in and speculate in which quarter of 2011 that will happen. But the bottom line is that it may not be as soon as all of us were hoping it would be.

It was at the Nokia Q3 Earnings report that Elop made this statement and with the official word on MeeGo release now with us, we are left wondering if it will be too late for MeeGo when it does eventually arrive. Can it compete with Windows Phone 7, Android and iOS after taking such a long time to actually go public?

It would be pretty hard for Nokia as both iOS and Android have a very huge fan base that is distinctly theirs. Windows Phone 7 is not far behind. All three platforms are going at it already and trying to trump each other and in the process getting better by the day. So where does this leave MeeGo? Unfortunately, not in a pretty spot at all. Hopefully it will not be too late for MeeGo…

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