New MacBook Air Looks Pretty, Criticised for Price & Specs

October 21, 2010, By Atul Roach

Steve Jobs has finally taken the wraps of its New MacBook Air and just hours after its first official unveiling at the Back to Mac event held in Cupertino, California, the experts are out with their critical daggers. MacBook Air is winning admiration for its immensely pretty design which is being touted as the basis of future notebook designs as well. But users should not be expected to pay ‘all that money’ for the mere aesthetic value of a product.

This is where the criticism begins then. MacBook Air certainly is a marvelous piece of engineering, but then, what is a 64GB flash disk doing in there. 64GB is hopelessly minuscule when you consider the storage demands of even a college going teen, forget a professional. Apple would say flash memory and cloud storage will ultimately replace the hard disks but even then, 64GB is unacceptable.

Another niggling problem is that Apple’s new MacBook Air doesn’t ship with Adobe’s Flash plug-in and there is no click to install option either. Even a 1.4Ghz processor sounds sub-standard, but we can ignore this drawback for the solid-state drive’s performance can make up for the loss of run.

These are all the aspects which are hurting the MacBook Air flight, and then there are an extra hundred quids added to the price, which the customers will talk about, more than anything else. Moral of the story then- go for the 13-inch Pro instead of the 11-inch variant, coz the latter is definitely ‘value for money’ .

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