Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Lets You In the Driver’s Seat, On Your Keyboard!

October 21, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How would you like to drive your car? Okay, consider this! What if we show you a way to be in the driver’s seat without even getting into the car? No jokes, we mean it. Read on, if you aren’t convinced yet.

Mitsubishi Motors has come up with an innovative idea to launch their latest SUV, the Outlander Sport. The company has teamed up with advertising agency 180LA to launch the world’s first online automotive test drive. That means you will be able to take a test drive right from the comfort of your couch, provided that you have an Internet connection. Yes, Online Test Drive is what we are talking about!

The Mitsubishi Live Drive, which starts on November 2nd, will give you the ability to drive a real Outlander Sport in Southern California.

Visitors to can sign up to get a code to enable a virtual test drive, powered by remote control software. 180LA worked with B-Reel and robotics experts to create a system that uses onboard video cameras, user interface, GPS mapping and servo motors to translate the user’s computer controls to an on-track driving experience.

But there may be a problem, “the test drive could be used as an opportunity to run over somebody he doesn’t like” (YouTube comment). Not going to happen folks. Mitsubishi has also taken into account chances of visitors trying to crash the SUV somewhere along the test track. Crashing the SUV won’t be possible as once the online test driver takes his car out of the given boundary, the Outlander Sport’s GPS will take control. Smart move, Mitsubishi!

The test will be an all new experience for the participants who will be able to enjoy the feeling of literally being in the driver’s seat. Drivers will also be able to experience many of the Outlander Sport’s deluxe features while performing the test drive, plus enjoy the challenge of collecting vehicle “feature pods” while learning about this crossover’s cool tech features and amenities.

Are you gearing up for this one? Get online, get behind the wheel in virtual fashion.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport beckons you!

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